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Onlinebookclub.org – great forum, e-books and lots of reviews

I rarely find something really interesting on the internet but I have recently found something. It is onlinebookclub.org. A friendly, colorful book club. I was always a reading maniac, but I have never belonged to any book club. I signed in goodreads.com once but after playing with main functions for a while I quited. But this time I am stuck. I simply enjoy the club.

Onlinebookclub has three main parts: a forum, e-books and book reviews.

Forum. It is a traditional forum for people who share the joy of reading. It’s exceptional feature is friendly atmosphere. Most of the members are from USA, but in general it is a multicultural community. My favorite member of the forum is DATo. The spectrum of books he reads is wide and his insights are apt.

E-books. You may download e-books from the website. Book Review Team (later about it) has better choices for downloading free books. But each day there is a Book of the Day, which is free for a certain day. Also there are Books of the Month and other discounts, so if you are an active member of the club, you may read to your heart’s content.

Reviews. Book club can boast of huge collection of unique book reviews. Authors of the reviews are the members of previously mentioned Book Review Team. Everyone can join the Review Team. You only need to be active in the forum, collect scores and increase your level. Members that have certain level get e-books for free with one condition – they have to write reviews about the books they downloaded for free. And what is most surprising – they are payed for the reviews. So if you put some effort and time, you may get some benefit from your hobby.

One of the reasons why I stayed in this club is the dynamism of the website. Scott, the webmaster of the club, is taking part in the forum and is also changing and improving the website all the time. It is not one of those websites thrown for consuming with no care about it’s future.

Visit the club: Onlinebookclub.org. It does not bite.


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