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The Oldest Name of Great Britain

Two thousand years ago, in the year fifty five before our era…
Heavy clouds are low over a stormy sea. Eighty ships are sailing on the grey waters. They are galleys, Roman galleys, struggling forward to the unknown land.
Julius Caesar is on the first  galley, he is surrounded by his centurions. All are looking intently at the distant shore.
“By Jupiter!“ says Julius Caesar, “is that a cloud in front or a mountain covered with snow?“
“Where? Over there?“
“Oh,“ says one of the centurions, “those are cliffs, I can see them well!“
“Yes, they are cliffs – and they are white.“
“The land behind them must be white, too.“
“It is a White Land“ exclaims Julius Caesar. “We shall call it Albion.“
“Albion, Albion!“ shouted the others.
Alba in Latin means white, and the name Albion remains to this day.


Text: Markova N. This is London. Kaunas: Šviesa, 1967.