‘Gone With The Wind’, Or Ran Away From The Book

Today Scarlett and Rhett should come. We have arranged for an interview. I am a little bit tensed. They are so self-confident… especially Rhett. Maybe I should skip some of the questons… (A doorbell) They are here.

(Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler appeared at the door)

I: Scarlett ,dear, you look great. Hi, Rhett.
Scarlett: You know, it is raining outside, a real slush. You said I look good? Still, where is your mirror?
I: In the bedroom, here… Rhett, have a seat, I am preparing tea, would you like some biscuits?
Rhett: I will try them, thanks.
I: Scarlett will probably need some time. Don’t you mind, if I ask the questions that I am prepared? You promised me to tell about new species of roses, but let’s leave it for dessert.
Rhett: Ok (bites off a biscuit).

(I turn on the dictaphone)

I: So, ‘Gone With The Wind’. What is this novel about?
Rhett: It is about Scarlett trying to sweat me as much as she can.
I: And does she suceed?
Rhett: In the firts part of the novel she doesn’t, but in the second, well, she levels me to the ground.
I: There are meny interesting personalities in the novel. Which of them you like the most?
Rhett: You say interesting personalities… Hm… But there are only ninnies. Egoists like Scarlett or weaklings like Ashley. There is only one person worth attention and respect – it is Melanie. The whole novel could have been only about her. The rest is rubbish…
I: What about the war?
Rhett: The war (chews a biscuit). This war was predetermined at the very beginning. What was the point in starting it? Yankees were better equipped than we… All we had was cotton, slaves and arrogance. On the whole, war is fools’ idea. Luckily I have made quite a fortune from it.

(Scarlett returns)

Rhett: Do you have more biscuits? They are good.
I: Gosh, they are still in the oven, I forgot them.
Rhet: I will take a look.

(Rhett goes to the kitchen)

I: (appealing to Scarlett). The dictaphone is already on, so I attack you with questions straightly. I asked Rhett, so I ask you the same question: the book ‘Gone With The Wind’, what is it about?
Scarlett: Rhett has probably said, that it is about him (laughing). The book is about me befalled by many difficulties of life. At first that story with Ashley, then the war, poverty. But I overcome all the difficulties, even more, while everyone was sobbing, I restored Tara, created sawmill, and all those things done in Ireland… Well, in general it is a novel about strong woman that is reaching her aims. And, of course, it is a story about me and Rhett…
 I: The first two parts of the story were written by Margaret Mitchell, third and fourth – by Alexandra Ripley. It is quite unusual situation. Don’t you feel dual due to this reason?
Scarlett: No way. It is good to have one mother, but to have two mothers – it is great. They are both equaly dear to me, they both understand me well. 
I: You talked about difficulties of life. What positive events have remained in your memory?
Scarlett: One of the best  – acquaintance with my irish relatives. They are cool. Sometimes we were dancing and singing till the morning. I appreaciate those moments. What else… You know, I somehow don’t dare to tell more, maybe someone hasn’t read the book yet…
I: I understand.

(Rhett is comming back from the kitchen with biscuits and some other dishes)

I: Wow, it smells good. Maybe it is enough of questions.

(I turn off the dictaphone)

I: So what about those roses, Rhett?..

(c) Fabula Saulė, 2016.
 All rights reserved. You may not use this content without author’s permission.

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